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Anime is Art

Create at: 2022-10-31 Update at: 2022-10-31

I have been watching a lot of anime recently.

I did not like watching TV series, due to a severe influence by Steve Jobs. In his biography, he stated that "sitting in front of TV shuts down your brain". I strongly agree with that, I thought watching TV series is a big waste of time. I was like around 14-year-old back then. The only anime I paid attention to was Fullmetal Alchemist. I have not watch any anime series seriously afterwards, with some exception of some anime movies.

I still hold my opinion on TV shows being garbage. But a great anime is a lot more than typical TV shows. Series with real human actors can never match the immersive experience of anime, not matter how good the CG is. Like the Marvel movies, the CG is very realistic. However, I just cannot dive into the plot and emotions.

Opposingly, anime is fake. Not a single human on earth would have that big pair of eyeballs and boobs. Even that, anime make people feel the purest emotion and fantasy.

What is a good anime

Not every anime is good, there are a lot of garbage anime.

In my opinion, if an anime can make me cry, that is enough to make me think it is very good.

I am very cold-blooded. I would stay almost emotionless in real life no matter what happens. The threshold to trigger my emotion is ridiculously high. Previously, the only way to make me feel something is through reading novel or listening to some great classical music. Now, watching anime counts as another one.

A good anime consist of a lot of things. If I would rank the components, it would be music, plot, visual and voices. Good music can single-handedly push an anime to another level. Together with a good plot and decent visual, it would be more than enough to trigger heartstrings.

Anime is a great art form, it is not the greatest. I still think video game is the greatest form of art.

Anime reviews

I think it is important to write a review after watching anime. But I think just putting a score to an anime is not enough to reflect the true thoughts on the art work.

I will start to write in-depth anime reviews from now on. I think this is the only way to express my appreciation to those masterpiece. I will write them in multiple languages.