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Anime review: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso - Your Lie in April

Create at: 2022-11-01 Update at: 2022-11-02


Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso (四月は君の嘘). Your Lie in April.

Time spent: 2 days. 22 Episode + 1 OAD.

Recommend level: Must watch.

No spoiler.


This is a 2014 anime series about classical music, especially violin and piano.

I am a piano player. I have known this anime for so long. But I never think of watching it.

Some day, for what ever reason I got bored in my workplace. So I decided to start watching it. I have not been watching anime for a long time. But Anya from SPY family is so cute that everyone in the office talks about her. It makes me want to watch some other anime.

I thought Your Lie in April would be a good start. I was wrong, the anime is good, but too heavy for an amateur weeb.


I spent only two days finishing the whole series. Ended up crying like a baby. I am not joking, this anime gives PTSD. I have finished the anime for a couple months. But just hearing a few notes from its music, seeing a few scenes or even a few lines in words cause me to shed tears.

I always think music is an important element to touch people. Music alone is enough to make me emotional, especially classical music. I am a regular classical music listener. I have listened to most of the pieces in the anime before. Some pieces like the Chopin's ballad is really sad on its own. Together with the plot, it breaks hearts.

This is a very sad anime. No, sad is too mild for this. A tragedy does not make people cry, especially for those non-sense plots in some Korean dramas, which can only make my mom cry.

In this anime, I know what the plot is developing into, everything makes sense. I wait til the end, expecting some miracles will happen even though I know that is not going to happen. I tried very hard to hold my tears because I am a grown man. I kept watching and saw what I expected. Tears running like river.

I thought it was over, because I already cried like a baby. Then it finally revealed what the "lie" was, (I have absolutely no idea why the anime title is about a lie until the end), it was the moment gave me PTSD. I was beaten down on the ground crawling myself because it hurts so much, the "lie" was an extra knife which forcefully stabbed into my heart.

The characters' tears was like running water. But the scene that make me cry the most, is the smiley face of the girl.

This anime deals permanent emotional damage. Time will not heal this wound, every time I think of it, I would be suddenly depressed.

If I have a pill that can erase memory, I would erase everything about "Your Lie in April", and watch it again.

I have abandoned piano for around a year. After watching the anime, I play the piano again.


There are four original music from the anime, OP1「光るなら」, ED1「キラメキ」, OP2「七色シンフォニー」, ED2「オレンジ」.

Among these four, ED2 (Orange) is my favourite. It is also the only song that I have a hard time listening to. I have a song list to play during my work. I do not dare to put this song in, because everytime I listen to it, I cry. It is just like a reflex that I cannot control. I don't know whether it is because I am kind of sensitive to music. The piano cover from rach3master in my opinion is the greatest.

I also like a classical piece, "Liebesleid" (Love's Sorrow) by Kreisler, and the piano solo version arranged by Rachmaninoff. Apart from the original music of the anime, for piano solo, I recommend this version by Anton Mordasov, for violin, I recommend this from its composer, I think the 1930 version is slightly more touching due to its simplicity. It gives the feeling of a mix of happiness and extreme sadness, it is just like the last dance of a pair of couple before their final departure.

I brought the offical piano book from Amazon Japan. It contains most of the classical music and the first OP and ED. Unfortunately, it does not have the score for "Orange".




耗時:2日,22集 + 1 OAD。






我並不是個動漫宅男,雖然喜歡久居家中,卻對二次元的興趣不大。但同事一直都在談論SPY Family 的安妮亞,正好其第一季結束,我便想看看其他動畫。















我個人最喜歡ED2「Orange」。但這首歌不可以常聽,一聽必哭,不哭也胃痛,如神經反射一般。以致我根本不敢放這首歌進歌單,也許是因為我對音樂比較敏感。而鋼琴cover中,我最喜歡Orange - rach3master

而其中的古典樂,我則最喜歡"Liebesleid" (Love's Sorrow),中文則譯作「愛之悲」,我個人認為曲名不夠傳意,這首曲聽起來遠不是單純的悲傷,而是混合了喜悅及極沉重的憂鬱,如要我描述一個場景,這會是一對將要永別的戀人在舞池中的最後一支舞。這首歌我推介兩個版本,一是原作曲家的小提琴版本Liebesleid - Kreisler,另一個則是Rachmaninoff 改編的鋼琴獨奏版,我不太喜歡Rachmaninoff 本人的演譯,或許是因為他是用Music roll 錄製,雖然清晰,但總感覺欠缺點靈性,所以我推介Liebesleid - Anton Mordasov 這個演譯,這個版本完全就是我腦海中的效果,速度和輕重都是我的最愛。至於動畫原聲,對不起,原聲有旁白催淚,忙着擦眼淚,未有仔細欣賞。動畫中的小提琴確實有種用生命演奏的感覺,鋼琴則因應劇情作出各種效果,音樂性方面一言難盡,但就劇情需要,也是十分貼切。